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Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Well, isn't this just all kinds of wonderful? A tool that's perfect for analogue photographers and retro-enthusiasts alike.

The new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner allows users to instantly scan and share their negatives via social media and email. 

All you need to do is just insert your smartphone into the scanner, take a photo of your negative using your phone's camera and use the custom built-in app to edit it. From there, it's just a matter of sharing your (now) digital photo with your friends and family! The film scanner is so small that you could easily carry it around with you in your backpack as you hunt for more analogue treasures.

Why not dig around the attic for some old negatives from yonks ago? I'm sure mom and pops would love to relive the memory of when they took that naked photo of you in the tub.

Technical details:
- Smartphone Film Scanner
- Powered with 2AA batteries
- Size: 14cm x 7cm x 13 cm
- Weight: 244 grams

Smartphone Film Scanner App:
- Android and iPhone compatible
- Converts all types of 35mm films: color negative, B&W negative, slide,etc
- Panorama stitching
- Animates LomoKino stills

The scanner is currently exclusively available at with expected delivery in March.
Want to find out more about lomography? Visit


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